Our Story

At Roman Empire Tours, we specialise in creating unique and personal walking tours of Rome. We are passionate about Rome and, over the years, we have built up our company into one of the most reputable tour providers in Rome. Our experience has made us experts on this beautiful city. All of our guides tailor their tours to reflect their own personality, which means each and every tour is delivered with enthusiasm and honesty. Our primary aim is to make sure that you enjoy yourself: we want to share our knowledge in a way that is never ever boring. If we don't make you laugh at least twice on the tour, we'll give you your money back!

On your tour you will be transported seamlessly through the centuries and millennia that carved this magical place into the most important and interesting city in history. It is the combination of Roman and Papal history that makes this city irresistible. You will hear tales about the Roman period, from the talented Julius Caesar to the psychopathic Nero; then from the Renaissance period, which was dominated by geniuses such as Michelangelo and Raphael. There is no better way to discover some of the greatest wonders in the world than by being led through these incredible archaeological sites and museums by someone who is truly passionate about Rome.